it's been quite the year...

RoadTrip017 - Version 2

Hello again to everyone (or anyone) out there. You will have to forgive me for the slow year that the website and things f.LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY have had during 2010. The reason for this is because I have had very much the opposite of a slow year personally. I have, since April, been working for The Impossible Project. Everything from retail, explaining the story, to tech support and being a test photographer of new films, I have been quite busy with these instant endeavors. I have also been, as usual, working on the various Film job here and there, being the slow Film year it has, between my usual 5 days a week with Impossible. On top of all this I moved in May from my home of 4 years in Astoria to a new ‘cozy’ apartment in Manhattan’s West Village, between which I was officially homeless (really just addressless) for a week. I also left the country (sort of) for only my third time this summer when I went to Puerto Rico for nearly 2 weeks in June, I even have rolls of film from this that I’ve yet to process.

Lastly....but most importantly....I met someone. I can certainly now count myself among the lucky for back in February I began seeing someone who I can now say, unequivocally, means the world to me. Lindsey is now a huge part of my life, and so I’m OK with having a ‘slow’ photography year when it’s from something this special. I only even say it like that because, until Lindsey, photography was essentially the thing in my life I drew the most joy from, so stepping back from it on any level isn’t something I would do lightly. I am truly lucky though, for I have found myself sharing photographic experiences with her. From our road trip in the summer, to the first Polaroid camera I got her, to just going out on a Sunday with a couple cameras, I’ve never had so much fun taking pictures.

So here, as 2010 is nearing its end, I’m finding some time to come here and write this, and to take a moment to look ahead. Before the year is out I still have a few rolls of my Kodachrome stash to shoot and then get off to Dwayne’s to process before the cut off. Then, looking to next year and beyond, I can’t help but be thankful for now being a part of a campaign to preserve a medium I love, and doing it for the best reasons. And of course I’m thankful for having a companion to join me in all this, and to experience our lives together (yes,even outside of photography haha).

So looking forward, to next year, I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep on top of my photography and all things related a little better having adjusted myself to the new pace and shape my life is taking, but if I don’t because I’m fortunate in other ways, or if I am from someone taking interest in my work, well either way I’m looking forward to what 2011 may bring.

Wishing for you all love and prosperity during the holidays and in the new year, -f

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